UPDATE: Knoxville, Tennessee Chapter

Sara in Knoxville, Tennessee single handedly runs the Green Bag Lady chapter there. She also has the notoriety of being the first remote chapter! She's awesome, I adore her. Thanks for keeping up the great work over the last 9+ years Sara! Teresa

Hello from Knoxville TN! Thanks to Meltem from Swavelle, I have 23 heavy bags ready to donate to Ladies of Charity. The LOC uses them instead of plastic to bag up clothing that men, women, and children pick from their thrift store voucher program. The gift that keeps on giving! 

Feeling very crafty this weekend! Meltem sent a box of small samples to stuff pet beds. But when I opened the box, the samples were too pretty to be used as stuffing. These small cuts were the perfect size for treat bags. Happy Halloween! 

Sara K.
Chapter Coordinator
Knoxville, TN

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