Photo Finish Friday

Pic from my girl's trip to CA. We went to this tennis tourney.
Just bought a salmon at Costco, may have to try this.

Cool, I didn't know this. Little Girl walked out. Something needs to be done.

I'd love to try this. How difficult do you think it would be to refill an empty one?

These are lovely.

This is hilarious and something my kids would love.

These are gorgeous.

I'm still playing catch up from my girls trip from Sat-Tues so it's no surprise that Friday snuck up on me. I plan to be very lazy tonight. I have a pot of minestrone soup in the crock pot so that dinner is a no brainer and piles of laundry to work through while I watch NCIS on Netflix. Low key for sure. I'm also finishing the binding on the baby quilt I showed you in this post. I promise to take finished pics, it's looking good! Big Girl has been here for the week on spring break from the University. It's been nice having her around even if she is recovering from a nasty cold. Poor thing. I hope you have a great weekend and I'll be back here on Monday! XOXO--Teresa

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