Bagette April Visit!

I'm so lucky that Bagette April came to visit me from Nashville for almost a week! We have had so much fun! She came last Friday and I immediately took her to the Taylor Swift concert in Denver. Of course we were chaperoned by Little Girl and her friends. It was a great show!
 We went to the Chatfield Farms Botanical Garden near my house. The butterflies! (more later)
We hiked to St. Mary's Glacier near Idaho Springs, CO with Little Girl, Little Man, my cousin Jim and his daughter.
 :) HUGS!
 This morning we visited Red Rocks Amphitheater.
After that we headed to Boulder to the Celestial Seasonings plant and to Yellowbelly for lunch. Good times! I'll take April to the airport tomorrow, it's been a fun filled week! :) Teresa

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harmony said...

Oooooowwwwww what fun!!! I <3 Bagette April! Wish I could have crashed your fun!