Photo Finish Friday

Exit Glacier, Kenai National Park
This is COOL! (thanks Harmony)

Make a bag in 10 min! No sewing! (thanks Pat from Massachusetts Chapter)

I might need to do this to some jeans!

All felt!!!

Oh my, yes!

Little Girl and I are currently watching this. Her for the first time, me for the second. It is laugh out loud hilarious. Highly recommend.

What are you up to? I'm still catching up from being gone for nearly a month. Yes, I had 6 days off between CA and AK but not nearly enough hours in those 6 days! My kids start school on Thursday. What? I have 2 huge bag events on Thursday too. Whew! Send me good vibes! Teresa

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harmony said...

Thanks for turning us on to PnR! Love it! So much fun to watch and laugh. We miss watching with you.