Photo Finish Friday

I have two prismatic candle holders on my dining room table. Every morning I am greeted with rainbows when the sun shines through them. It makes me so ridiculously happy!
Love these.

I adore this kind of art.

These are beautiful.


Cute DIY. Too early to think holidays?

Speaking of, these are on my Christmas list. Would be so great in my sewing room!

I'm heading up to Vail later today for the 50th birthday weekend of another tennis friend. We are going to go out to dinner, do some yoga, play some tennis and drink some wine. Heaven! I've never been to Vail so looking forward to the beautiful trip up and seeing the town. I hope you have some fun plans in store for the weekend. Have a great one! Teresa

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harmony said...

What a great way to start the day!
Hope you had a fabulous weekend.