Workday Wednesday

What's going on in your world? It's been cray cray around here since school started. Kids are back in the rhythm but I'm still trying to keep up! We are making 400 bags for a Community Education conference in MN in the beginning of October, keeping us very busy. I have been sewing my little heart out. We have 220 completed and I'm expecting the rest to come in this weekend. Sara K from Knoxville (bless her heart) is sending 50 so we only have 130 more to go!
Dianne, my tennis friend, turned 50 recently and I made her this fun pouch. It has tennis on the front…
 And yoga on the back as she is also a yoga instructor. :) It turned out so cute.
 I cranked out a bunch of snack bags for back to school. Now I just need to add them to my etsy shop!
This big guy was j. chillin' in my neighbors yard. I took this from my deck, wouldn't want to get close to him!
And, Little Girl went to homecoming last weekend. Cute dress, no? Scored it on my neighborhood facebook page for $5!! She loved it, and it was the perfect fit and color on her. I added the straps so she wouldn't be pulling it up all night. She had a great time.
I've procrastinated enough. I need to get back to the grind (sewing machines) and get some more done. I hope you are having a fantastic week. XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...

You are amazing! Little Girl is Beautiful like her mama!