LOVE! 1000!!!

I love this so much I can barley stand it. The Netherlands Tilburg Chapter has made 1000 bags. 1000!!!! Wow. So incredible. To celebrate, they made this super yummy looking cake. Aaaandd, handicapped people help make the bags and made this cake! What?!? Since we have 4 chapters in the Netherlands, I really think I need to go there and do a tour. What do you think? Maybe they would save me a piece of that cake… Keep up the great job! XOXO--Teresa

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Ha Teresa en David,

I included a picture of our Green bag cake, other pictures come later because I must have permission.

Translation : “ participated us, lets change the world together, one bag , one time

1000ste bag (chocolate)
cake is made  also by mental handicapped people 

Tilburg Chapter

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