Photo Finish Friday

I know I post A LOT of photos of the deer in my neighborhood but I can't help it! Hubby trimmed some of our trees last weekend and these cuties came to snack on the fresh branches. I mean, look at that buck!
Good news!

Anyone tried any of these? I'd love thoughts.

These are awesome.

I think I could make my own version of this.

These are very cool.

Kind of a cool DIY.

We had Little Man's 14th birthday last night. He's not officially that age until Sat but there was no school today so he had friends over for pizza, cake and video games. I can't believe my youngest kid is turning 14! He was only 4 when I started Green Bag Lady. Wow. A friend from grad school is coming to visit tonight and I'm making pizza on the grill. Hope to get some sewing and cleaning (ugh) done this weekend too. Have a good one! XOXO--Teresa

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harmony said...

That deer photo is incredible! Salad bar at the Green Bag Lady's!!!