Minnesota Conference Bags!

I mentioned in this post that the Denver and Knoxville, TN (Yay Sara!) chapters were making 400 bags for a conference in Minnesota. The Green Bag Lady project is dedicated to my mother, Margaret VanHatten, who was an educator in MN for most of her life. She was very involved in community education so we were happy to work our tails off to get the bags done for this important event. The director of the conference, Amy (right, bottom photo), even invited Bagette Dad to attend the lunch. He spoke a bit about my mom and Green Bag Lady. These are photos from the event and a few words from Bagette Dad. :) Teresa

Barb and I attended the MN Community Ed Assn Conf in Rochester today. I gave a little blurb about Margaret Starting Preschool Ed in our basement and how it has spread state wide. And, all the traveling/training she did. Several asked what school dist she worked in, and my answer was "pick one." They smiled.

They wanted to hear about the 400 bags Teresa donated. They were a super hit, and many stopped by afterward with personal thanks. There were slides scrolling by during dinner, and the Green Bag Lady was featured along with some pretty impressive contributors.

I told the Green Bag Lady story, the way I always do, and got chuckles with the name "bagettes" and a gasp at "50,000 bags".

I introduced Bagette Barb (middle above) and how she has helped our family and Green Bag Lady.

It was all very well recieved, even tho I got pretty emotional a couple of times, couldn't help it.

Thanks to all who contributed,
Bagette Dad

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harmony said...

OMgoodness! How wonderful! I wish I could have been there to hear Bagette Dad speak! What a wonderful tribute to your mom, dad and the whole Green Bag Lady gang! THANKS for sharing!!!