Good morning,

I have received the 600 labels(etiket), already a week ago,  thank you,
the same evening (a week ago) came a Green bag lady to my house for new labels, just on time,

We have finished 21 september our 1000ste bag, we celebrated  that all together in october or november,with a treat from a pastry shop of my organization. Recently I received a donation for the bags and so I have some money for the treat. We make now all beautiful sturdy bags from upholstery fabrics we get from a upholstery factory.

The students of our fashion academy going to participate The Green bag ladys, in the month october they have a pop up store and there they want to give 10 different workshops (the whole month) about sustainable textile and one of them is the Green bag lady workshop.
They also want to make bags by themselves, I give them tomorrow 100 Green bag lady labels. They are very enthusiastic.

During open days by the local shops, I meet people from other cities or even other countries
who are interested in sustainable product. That's nice.

I send you some photos of bags made by (mental handicapped) people of de Pannenschuur Oisterwijk Nederland, they are very proud to participated this project en to make a real usable product. If you want you can put some  photo’s on Facebook and maybe write that this is the work of Green Bag ladies from Pannenschuur Oisterwijk Nederland.

Our group is still groing, now I have even a canadian woman who wants to  participate our group. I have to speak english more and more, the American woman study dutch language but unfortunately the other woman does not.

And this month there was an article of Green Bag lady in our staff newspaper(about 5000 members) and there are  many reactions on this article. Maybe I can send you this article. And now the newspaper of the clients have also asked for an article of the Green bag lady.

Greetings The Greeners of Tilburg 




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