Workday Wednesday

I feel like I spend 90% of my time in my sewing room. Of course, it's not true, but some days it sure feels like it! Recently, I have made some fun things. This burp cloth for my friend Sharron to give as a gift. I used to make these all the time when all my friends were having babies. I do enjoy the hand embroidery and maybe I need to put them in my etsy shop??

Speaking of etsy shop, I made this Baby Dino Hatching Egg costume  for my friend Amy's little girl years ago. (you can see all the pics on the etsy listing) The costume was pinned to Pinterest by someone and I started getting lots of requests for it so I made a listing. I added the little hat this year which I think will make it even cuter! I hope the buyer will send me photos of her little guy wearing it!

I have several craft sale events coming up and I've been making more and more pouches and other items for these sales. I now have 400+ goodies!
What is going on in your creative world? We have a big freebie coming up this weekend. Stay tuned! And, if you have been considering starting a chapter of Green Bag Lady in your area, now is the time! Shoot me an email. XOXO--Teresa


Lori Smanski said...

that burp cloth and baby dino are wonderful. thanks for sharing

harmony said...

You never cease to amaze, delight, impress and also make me feel like a serious slug! ;)