Good News, Bad News

This is Emilia who is the founder and coordinator of the Concow, California Chapter of Green Bag Lady. She is adorable and sweet and wonderful and makes great bags! She was a follower of the blog for a while before she stepped up and became a chapter. We adore her for that.

The good news is that Emilia and her family are OK. The bad news is they lost their entire home recently in one of the wild fires that are raging through California. To add to this stress, Emilia is pregnant and due ANY DAY with her fourth baby! I feel so much for this young family and can't even imagine what they must be going through.

I am so very thankful they are all safe, but they need help. Some of their friends set up a Go Fund Me to help them with expenses right now while they get insurance and a living situation sorted out. If you feel compelled to help, it would be truly amazing. The link is HERE. Even a donation of $10 can help to buy socks and underwear for her kids and diapers for the little baby boy when he arrives. 

Thank you for reading. If nothing else, please sent Emilia and her family positive thoughts and prayers. 

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