Photo Finish Friday

I made this yummy apple pie this week. I was inspired by this recipe and a $2 bag of organic apples I scored in the bargain produce bin at my local Natural Grocers. Definitely adding this crust recipe as my go to. It was amazing! 

I mean, I have a skillet and all the ingredients

What to do with packing materials.

Maybe add these to the Thanksgiving menu.

I ordered a mattress topper and got this blanket as a bonus gift. I love it! (I also love this company, all of our mattresses are from there!)

I should really make myself one of these. I would do a super simple back though.

Start making your Christmas wrap bags NOW. GO!

What I hope to accomplish this weekend: sew, sleep, eat, drink, repeat. You? I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. XOXO--Teresa

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