Bag #10,000!

"Mother of Many Bags"


This is bag # 10,000. When we passed that benchmark in 2010, I captured the number and gave it to "Mother".

She is made from "Crypton" fabric, remember that? It wears like iron, and mother is still in good shape.

I use her to carry bags to the post office. Almost every bag I've mailed since 2010 has been in her "pouch", I estimate 60 bags/month * 12 months * 8 years, so over 5000 bags.

Here we are, delivering to my local P.O. And one happy clerk ready to send the prizes to 20 winners.

Thanks Teresa, it keeps me busy in my "retirement",
Bagette Dad

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harmony said...

Rock on Bagette Dad!
Loved this story and the photos.