Beach Cleanup Bags

Recently, I made beach cleanup bags for my friend Bonnie over at the Plastic Ocean Project. We were having a conversation and I told her about the bags with mesh on the bottom for sand to fall through and stay on the beach where it belongs. She was so excited about them (she's the sweetest). I had enough materials to send her a couple dozen. Some are even small for kiddos to help. The white ones are made from a shower curtain that was included in a Green Bag Lady donation and perfect for this purpose. I try to use vinyl or nylon when making these bags so grains of sand don't stick to them and they dry quickly.

Here you can see the mesh on the bottom. They are very easy to make, just use the Green Bag Lady pattern and add a panel of some kind of mesh, holey fabric or tulle to the bottom of the bag.
 Bonnie sent me these photos of the bags in use! I love seeing them!

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If you live near the beach, please pick up trash when you are there. Mother Earth thanks you and so do I! XOXO--Teresa