Photo (Video!) Finish Friday

We were able to make it up to our Steamboat cabin last weekend, yay! Can you hear the frogs?
Seems cold for them but how cool! Sounds like a lot of them in that little pond.
Hilarious upcycle!

Go Lila! So cute.

Powerful stats.

My cousin brought us some of these that he made, so good!

My family would love this.

I'll have to make these for Little Girl next year!

I'm still fighting off this crud and I hate it. I haven't been sick like this in over 10 years. I have forgotten what it was like, the coughing, the stuffy nose, the tossing and turning, ugh. I have been taking it easy which is helping. I hope all of you feel better than I do and have a lovely weekend. Come back tomorrow for a fun freebie! XOXO--Teresa

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