Photo Finish Friday

Photo taken at night of the full moon with a fish eye lens. Yes, it is night. Go to Instagram to see another shot.
Oh goodness, so many to try!

I'm fascinated by aqueducts. (I've seen many in Italy.)

Makes me want a drone camera

Yes, please.

I have plenty, but in case you need a water bottle

Some of these are pretty cool!

I'm still recovering from a 97 degree tennis match last night. Ugh. Headache. Simply too hot to be out running around. Big sewing plans for today, I want to get all the alterations out of my space, wish me luck! I've been hurriedly making bags for this Youth Innovation Forum that Little Girl and I are going to attend. Bagette Dad and my sister arrive on Sunday and are here for a week. YAY! What's on your agenda? XOXO--Teresa

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