Photo Finish Friday

Cotton candy sky, Long Beach, CA
Hello lovely people--

I hope you have had a good week. Mine has been much better. Last week was not good. I was having several adverse reactions to the preventative migraine med I was on. In fact, I was having pretty much every side effect on the list including insomnia. I hardly slept for 4 days. After more research, it turns out I should not have been on that medication for the type of cluster migraines I was having. Ugh. So, I am being weaned off and will be completely off of them by Tuesday. YAY! I am already feeling SO much better and have not had another migraine.

I think I have also figured out what triggered the cluster of them in the first place. Little Girl and I had decided to try an herbal cleanse from the health food store. The first migraine occurred within hours of the PM cleanse. I thought it might have something to do with it at first but didn't think it could  cause a whole string of them. In retrospect, something in them threw my system into a violent reaction resulting in a chain of migraines. GAH!!

I'm still seeing specialists to get to the bottom of my migraines in general because if I can get rid of them entirely, that would be amazing. I'll keep you updated periodically but wanted to let you know I'm feeling more like my old self every day. Thank you once again for all your support, prayers and good vibes, I felt them all! XOXO--Teresa

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