Gnarly Beach Cleaner

I met Michael Doshi at the Algalita Youth Forum. He's such a fun, energetic guy who works for Algalita and has a great instagram page where he promotes cleaning up beaches. Of course, I couldn't resist sending him one of my beach bags with the mesh on the bottom! I even appliqu├ęd his logo Gnar Gnar on the bag. :) You can see that Doshi really liked the bag! 

I'm hoping that those of you who live near beaches will be inspired by Doshi to start cleaning up the areas that are near you. I'm in land locked Colorado so making bags is the best I can do from here. Cheers everyone! Teresa

 Close up of the mesh in the bottom of the bag…
Aloha Teresa!!


This is one of the coolest gifts I've ever received, haha!!!

Thank you so much for this gift :)  This was very kind, thoughtful and generous of you...and such a surprise!!

Attached is a photo and little video I posted on Insta stories.  I will definitely get more photos/videos of it in action as I begin to hit the beach with it.  Gnar Gnar the octopus is going to look so cool when I carry him into school classrooms in the tote are going to think it is the coolest thing they have ever seen!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for keeping me stoked, yew!!!

Sincerely stoked, 



harmony said...

Totally Rad Dude!!!

Tami C said...

Catching up on some time at the computer and found this post I missed. I love this bag you made for him!