Photo Finish Friday

While we were in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving week, we did a side trip to the Hoover Dam. Have you ever been? It is a quite impressive engineering feat, especially for the time it was built (1931-1936). This is a photo of the overflow towers if the water gets too high. Of course, I love the sky and the light on the mountains in the background too! This photo was taken from the Nevada side of the dam. I walked across the bridge to the Arizona state side as well and in doing so I finally hit all 50 of the United States! I wanted to do this before the end of my 50th year of life. Done! Have an absolutely fabulous weekend. XOXO--Teresa


harmony said...

LOVE this photo!!! You are so talented. Congrats on the accomplishment too!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Harmony! XOXO