UPDATE: Santiago, CHILE Chapter

Patricia is really knocking it out of the park down in Chile! Look at all the pretty bags she has made and now I want to go there just to hang out at that Farmer's Market! Keep it up Patricia and stay safe. XOXO--Teresa

Dear Teresa and David!

Hope everything is going well with you, saw that it is starting to get cold over there?

Lots of things happened in Chile since our last communications by the end of October. Times of turmoils, of unrest, and it has not ended yet, unfortunately. Probably you read in the news...

On my side, also because of this situation the owner of the company where I worked decided to close office in Santiago and leave to Miami (his daughters and grandchildren live there). The good thing is: I have more time!!   On the other hand, I started pursuing my own business, and have my hands full!   but I am quite optimistic that this one, and Chile, will have a brighter future in times to come.  

Now I am finding out how to create a new IG session so I start promoting the whole idea, and getting friends and others involved. 

All the best to you. 
Santiago, Chile Chapter

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