Photo Finish Friday

Our lighted house
I waited a bit on this post for a couple of reasons, it was a crazy day and I wanted to take a photo of the pretty tree that Little Man and I worked on this week. We have never been much of outdoor lights people but I have been wanting to adorn that tree in our front yard ever since we moved to Colorado. This year, because we didn't use many lights on our indoor tree, we had some extras. It might not look like it, but it took a while (and a tall ladder) to get all those branches covered. Whew. It will be prettier with the snow we are supposed to get on Christmas day. Yay. Hope you are ready for all the upcoming festivities. If not, good luck! Happy and jolly--Teresa


harmony said...

Awwww nice job!! Looks good. May you have a white Christmas.... Merry Everything and Happy Always to you and yours!

MissesStitches said...

I think your tree looks beautiful! Good job!