Workday Wednesday

I've been a busy elf around here and this is only the tip of the iceberg as I constantly forget to take pics of everything I'm working on. Sheesh.

My friend Jayna asked me last year if I would be willing to make her a set of fabric wrapping bags like the ones I use under my tree. Of course! She had fun picking out the fabrics and I had fun making the bags. They turned out so cute. She is now the proud owner of 23 gift wrap bags complete with ribbons. 2 of them I gave to her for free as they are Green Bag Lady bags out of Xmas fabric (lime + red stripe and the one with trees + horses). She just stopped to pick them up and is thrilled. Yay!
 Here is the whole set, how cute is the Rudolph fabric?
I wrapped my Angel Tree gifts in Green Bag Lady bags once again. Hope all the little kiddos love them! There were a couple gifts too big for the bags that I did use my one roll of wrapping paper to decorate.
 Last week I sent off a bunch of my zip pouches to the Coast Highway Artists Collective in Point Arena, California. These are a collaboration with Harmony, her organic cotton fabrics, my sewing. :)
I made 2 covers for a wheel chair cushion for my neighbor. They include zippers so she can take them off and wash them. She has MS and is a total sweetheart.
Another neighbor commissioned some zip pouches as Christmas gifts. The wolves are for her daughter. Not sure who the cowboys are for but that fabric is a hoot!

That's it. I'm hosting my book club holiday party tonight. Fun! Happy and jolly to all of you! Teresa

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harmony said...

Howdy! WOWzers! Those are some bags?!
Thanks for making the Harmony Art organic design ones! You are truly talented, gifted and kind.