Just some things going on around here. I fixed some holes in my favorite pajama pants and now I like them EVEN MORE!

 In October (delayed posting, ugh) I made yet another baby dino hatching egg costume.
I love having all my ladies here every other Sunday to work on bags. That's Bagette Jackie on the left, she is an amazing handle sewist. Bagette Terri there on the right has started her own chapter in Arvada, CO after hearing about Green Bag Lady from her sister in Nebraska! Crazy. She is going gangbusters and making TONS of bags. Yay Terri!
Some more of my ladies, Lori on the left is SO helpful, she serges, sews, cuts, matches, does it all! Loretta in the middle is a mere 96! She's awesome. Sherry on the right is also an amazing handle sewist but will be out for a bit due to a broken wrist. She fell on ice, gah! But, she had surgery and it went well. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. :)
Anissa is Bagette Jackie's granddaughter and comes every so often to stuff pet beds and keep us all young! Bagette Teresa (right) is such a great helper and brings Loretta with her. She is also a great bag giver and advocate for Green Bag Lady.
Not pictured is Bagette Tami who is lovely and has been with me since the formation of this chapter. She is a great sewist and ironer! Thanks to all who pitch in and help, can't do it without you! Cheers--Teresa


harmony said...

If I lived closer I'd be at your house every other Sunday to help!!
Love the PJs.... look familiar.... very nice and organic coziness.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I know you would Harmony. :)