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My husband has ALWAYS insisted on getting a real tree. But, that comes with challenges like getting it ($$!!), watering it, keeping all the fallen needles from ending up in your feet (ouch), disposing of it in January, etc. We never had a real tree in my house as my brother was very allergic. In fact, growing up, we were one of the first houses to have an artificial tree. It never bothered me. I was only into the lights and ornaments (and gifts!) anyway. I have been pushing for years to just get an artificial one after the season for cheap and go that route as it seems so much easier AND we have had some very sad real trees in the past that have even toppled over breaking favorite ornaments. :(

Well, this year we were kind of lazy. With Thanksgiving being so late and us being in Las Vegas that week, we didn't get around to doing Christmas decorating until last weekend. I finally convinced hubby that we could just put our little pre-lit artificial tree (that I got on our neighborhood Facebook page a few years ago for $5) on a coffee table and call it good. He was SO skeptical and said it was temporary until he got a real one from the land by our cabin. Ok, fine.

But, once I had it up, lit and decorated, he thought it was great! He did say that there were more ornaments than tree though. Ha! Most likely true, and this isn't even all my ornaments. I'm loving it, no watering, no needles, easy peasy.
Of course, I did my wrapping in all my fabric Christmas bags that I made over 10 years ago and still using the clothespin tag method as well.

Of course, had to hang up my very favorite vintage ornament of my mom and dad. I may have teared up just a bit. So many of my ornaments are from my mom, it's tough. She loved this time of year.
I hope you have all your holiday crafting complete. I have a few more gifts to get out the door and I'm done. Merry and holly to all! XOXO--Teresa

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Anonymous said...

we are using artificial fur tree for more than 5 years - it saved a lot of money during that time, no one needle fall down since that, and it's always green))
Children like to construct it by themself in December, and disassemble in February-March)
If someone needs a smell of real tree, he can buy couple of real branches and leave them near.