UPDATE: Dorsten, GERMANY Chapter

Look at all the great bags that Carola is making all on her own. If anyone is reading this from Dorsten, shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch. Keep up the great work Carola! Teresa

Hi Teresa, 

Bagette Carola has been sewing on her own in Dorsten, Germany and hopes for more helpers to start a group there. I think she will be thrilled if featured on the blog. She delivers the finished bags to the civic information office of Dorsten and they distribute to members of the community with our message for fabric bags against plastic/paper. By posting an info flyer at the info office, we are hope to spread the word so more people will join in and form a group!! One picture with Carola and the two ladies of info office. The bags hanging on the curtain rod show how she used little table center doilies – sewed them on the outside as pockets.

Bagette Audrey
Green Bag Lady Germany

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