My Favorite Mask

My team of ladies and I are still cranking out masks. Now that they are required for entrance to stores, beauty salons, etc, we are getting many requests. Bagette Danny's brother was so sweet and ordered 100 yards of skinny elastic for us (think width of yarn). At first I thought, "What in the world are we going to do with this super skinny, super stretchy elastic. It's too small to sew into a seam and catch in the stitches." So, it sat on my sewing table feeling neglected. Then, I saw somewhere on the internet about crossing the elastic in the back of the head to alleviate pressure on the ears. Bingo! A use for the skinny elastic.

I had already taken a bunch of scraps and pieced them together (no wasting!) and decided to try the crossed back with this batch. They turned out SO cute and this design is truly MY favorite and the best for me. I have trouble with the ear loops hurting my ears after a while, maybe because I wear glasses? And, as much as I love the ties, it does make it more challenging to get on and off, even with a hair binder at the back.

I've made a step by step tutorial for the crossed elastic in the back if you want to try it. Happy sewing! Teresa


I made this camo one for hubby as a trial too. HE LOVES IT! It is now his favorite mask too, he really likes this design.

 For the camo mask, I also experimented with using the "wire/plastic" sealing tab from a bag of coffee. It works REALLY WELL. Make sure you save them to use or give to a friend who is making masks.
Here's hubby in the cockpit with his fav mask.
 That's it. Long post, thanks for sticking it through to the end. Cheers and stay safe! Teresa

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