A Tribute to Bagette Aunt Frances

If you read my last post (Photo Finish Friday, June 11) you know that my 99 year old Aunt Frances (Bagette Dad's sister) passed away last Thursday. Quite a blow to lose my dad and aunt in the same week. What you might not know is that Aunt Frances was one of the very first Bagettes! She made 100s of bags before the arthritis in her hands got so bad she could no longer sew. Bagette Dad even had special labels made for her to put in her lovely bags.

Posts about Bagette Aunt Frances:

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Harmony said...

What a woman!!! What a force! What a life! I LOVE knowing she is the first Bagette! How sweet and wonderful is that. HUGS to you and every Bagette far and wide - what a movement she helped found!

Heather said...

I love reading about Aunt Frances. Its hard to lose an Aunt, I was blessed to have wonderful Aunts who were always able to help me or just lend an ear. True friendship!!!