Green Bag Lady of Knoxville, TN!

Teresa--Here are a couple of snapshots of the bags I've made. The first photo is a sampling of the bags I have on hand, ready to mail/give away. The second photo is three of the dozen bags I made yesterday, that will be mailed to the folks you forwarded to me. The black bag was made from upholstery fabric I removed from a foot stool that I recovered. That bag is going to the woman in Seattle who requested a plain black bag to use when she rides her bike to the grocery. The bag in the middle was pieced from the denim with embroidered hearts scrap that you gave me, and it's going to the person in New York who said her favorite color is blue. The last bag is one of four that I made from a 2-yard piece of bright turquoise and purple paisley fabric that I purchased from a thrift shop for $2. It's going to a woman in West Virginia.

All my best, Sara


Tonya said...

Sara you do awesome work! My bag was the one in the middle with the mint green and pink. I LOVE it! I am going to use it today for the first time. I took it to work and showed all of my co-workers. They all think that this was a SUPER idea. I know that it was the little extra push I needed to stop using plastic! It also made me stop and think of what else I could do to help the environment. Keep up the good work! Thanks again so very much!!
Tonya :)

The Little Green Store said...

Sara, I was wondering if you would like to be listed on as a green bag seamstress? email me and let me know.