A word about Lane. . .

Bagette Alicia and I went on a field trip today. We went to see one of the nicest people in the world.

Lane Easterly is truly a wonderful man. He is definitely one of the most generous that I have met through the Green Bag Lady project. I happened to meet his daughter last year at Earth Day here in Nashville. She told her dad about the project and he contacted me asking if I could use some fabric. Lane has owned an interior design firm called Edgefield Interiors in East Nashville for the past 30 years. He has a back room full of fabric goodness.

The rest is history. Green Bag Lady would not be able to carry on the way it does without this man's generosity. Lane has willingly dug into his stash to provide us with fabric every time I ask. Boxes and bolts are loaded into my car. The only thing that Lane asks in return is a smile and a hug. What a fabulous man! Thanks Lane!

Green Bag Lady Teresa


Baggett Connie said...

You are so right Mr Lane is a God sent sharing wonderful person.
I know how important that material is for you to continues as I am running out of donated fabric myself.
I have made over 50 bags in this When I heard about your program I had a little material that I had in the closet I was so moved by your project that I wanted to help You said to start in my area here so I did. I am constantly amazed at how appreciative everyone is to receive a bag. So I just pray and know that with the help of God I will have what I need always to contuinue. You are amazing to have given away so many bags. I dont think I will were get to that numger
Keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help
Connie Colley

Unknown said...

I just discovered Green Bag Lady and find it an amazingly generous idea.
I traveled the world in the 60s and 70s and have always carried my own bags (a couple are pretty threadbare but still work). I rather feel like the world is catching up to me and I say: welcome!
Though I cannot tell a lie because I collect plastic (for cat litter) and paper bags (to line waste baskets) from friends who don't carry their own bags so those I'm recycling!
Keep up the great work.
Edith Wagner

Valeria said...

Mr Lane thank you so much for your generosity.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful and giving heart Mr Lane has! I too am running out of fabric and have been on a search for vintage, yard sale and donated fabrics...no luck yet *sigh*.
i have gotten into the habit of grabbing a couple extra bags when i enter a store so that i can surprise someone with a fabric bag, everyone is always pleased to receive one. with that said i have a story to share...
so, i was standing behind a woman in the checkout line and became inspired. i picked up a bag and said to the woman that i made the bag to give away and asking would she use it instead of plastic if i were to give it to her? she looked at me with a blank look on her face and then asked 'what is it?' so i told her is was a reusable shopping bag. she looked at me straight in the eye and said 'no that's ok' i was slightly taken aback and asked are you sure, and tried to say how useful they were and easy to carry around and that it was a gift, when she got kinda snotty and went on a little tangent about how she recycles the bags and that is good enough. i was too in shock to even be upset! also as a side not she was on a lunch break with about 4 items, one of them was for someone else and got bagged separately!!!
she must have missed the local report that recycling centers are sending recyclable materials to landfills because they aren't making enough money selling the raw materials. i guess you can't enlighten everyone, hopefully soon she'll see the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

Don't let the snotty ones get you down Andrea!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

To Connie--Keep on sewing! You are doing great!

To Edith--Isn't it nice that people are starting to think before they act?

To Valeria--Thanks for all your kind comments!

To Andrea--Ignore those people. They just can't believe that you would actually give them something for free. They are SO skeptical that you are trying to sell them something. Keep up your FABULOUS work! I love it. Don't stop. Don't let that one woman get to you. I am so very proud of you and what you are doing!

To Anonymous--Thank for the encouragement for Andrea!

Green Bag Lady Teresa

Anonymous said...

an update...i gave away snotty ladies bag to another, more grateful couple at the grocery store last night! woohoo, i'm back :) thank you for all the words of encouragement!!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


You are AWESOME! A true kindred spirit. :) I bet that couple will treasure and always remember the kindness of a stranger. Way more than snotty person ever would have anyway.


Anonymous said...

I am not a sewing vixen like the Van Hatten girls... I have choosen to talk with the hospitals that I work with and they have donated the canvas bags that are used for publicity events. I always have an extra with me an hand it out in the check out line!

Trust me I have spent the last month in New Mexico and the "plastic tumble weeds" are abundant...Let's keep up the efforts fellow Green Bag Ladies!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

People like Lane make this world a wonderful place. I recieved my bag yesterday it was beautiful. Thank you a picture will be on it's way!