This is Great TOO!!!

Hi Teresa! How are you?
Sorry it took so long to write and I loved the bag I got from you guys...
but never took a picture of it. I promise I'll do it soon.

I don't know if you remember but I was organizing activities for children
and one of the plans was to inspire them to use fabric bags. So, since we
were in a coffee farm they painted coffee sacks to turn it into ecobags.

It was so much fun and they just loved it. Since you inspired me and helped
me to see it was possible to use coffee sacks, here are some pictures I'd
like to share with you.

So, when I said at the blog that IF i get I bag I'd give someone else one, I
kept the promise. 60 kids now have coffee sack bags to help minimize our
impact on the environment.

We will keep in touch..and I promise to soon send a picture of myself with
the bag I got from Bagette Dad.


Marina from Brazil

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