Here's the dirt. . . Composting 101

How else can you be green? Now that you have recycling and fabric bags down pat. How about composting? It is really easy and quite painless, I promise. AND, contrary to what you might think, no, it does not stink!

Step 1: Buy a composter. . .

Check with your city, they might sell them for a great price. The City of Nashville sells The Earth Machine for a mere $40. You can buy this same composter on line for about $150-200. Those of you that live in Nashville, take advantage of the great deal the city offers!

We have the above Earth Machine, but we also have the Tumbleweed Compost Tumbler shown below. . .

Step 2: After you have installed the compost unit of your choice (set up is really simple), start saving food/yard waste. . .

What you CAN compost:

Kitchen Greens:
Fruit/Veg scraps
Houseplant cuttings
Coffee grounds
Egg shells
Tea bags

Yard Greens:
Plant trimmings
Hedge clippings
Grass (small amounts)

Kitchen Browns:
Coffee filters
Stale bread
Paper napkins
Paper towels
Dryer lint

Yard Browns:
Straw or hay
Small twigs/chips
Dried grass/weeds

Dairy products
Pet waste
Diseased plants
Mature weeds with seeds

Step 3: How to Compost

CHOP--it is a good idea to chop up anything that is big, like watermelon rids, etc.

EMPTY--if your kitchen bucket gets full (ours is an old Tupperware bowl with a tight lid) take it out to the compost

STIR--mix the new material in with the old by using a pitchfork or similar implement

COVER--cover the food waste with a handful or two of leaves, this reduces the chance of fruit flies and odor

Step 4: Get dirt!

Step 5: Empty your compost in the spring and use for your garden!

Happy Composting! Let me know if you have questions. Teresa


April Parker said...

no dairy....except rinse out a yogurt container into your compst every once in a while. The probiotics help the compost too!

Unknown said...

No Pet waste....but if you have rabbits, they produce "bunny gold" which is great for composting!