Bag #2. . .

Now that we have given away over 8000 bags, have you ever wondered where those first, say 100 bags are? Pictured above is bag #2. Registered to me. Bag #1 is registered to hubby, in case you were curious. I recently got bag #2 back. Also pictured is my friend and colleague at Belmont University, Robbie (on the left, me on the right). I saw Robbie one day shopping at Whole Foods and she had no bags. I teased her about it and she said, "You have a fistful, let me use one of yours." So, I gave her bag #2 to use and made her promise that she would give it back. Sentimental reasons and all.

After this incident, I sent her a bag, in her own name, through campus mail. I assumed she would then send me back #2. I did not get it. I sent her threatening emails. She sent me a ransom note. Kidding. Finally, last week, after nearly a year, she gave me bag #2 back. Sigh. All is right with the world again. We had another colleague snap a cell phone photo of the Big Bag Return Handoff.

That is all. Bag #2 is back in my grubby little hands. Do you have an early # bag? You KNOW who you are! Send me a photo and the bag number. I would love to post them! Teresa

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