Recycling 101 or maybe 102. . .

We all know we should recycle, yes? We are good about the paper and the cardboard and the aluminum and all that, right? RIGHT? Please say yes or at least nod your head loudly. Ok, so what about some of the other stuff, the stuff we think we cannot recycle, or that is more difficult to recycle. I hope this post will help with that. . .

Let's start with caps. You know the ones that come on EVERYTHING. Soda bottles, milk cartons, peanut butter jars, etc. Did you know that you can RECYCLE them? Yes, you can. Aveda will take them off your hands and make new products out of them. You can read all about it here. The site tells you what they take and locations that accept them. I have a little container on my kitchen counter to keep the lids. When I get too many, I bring them to the mall and drop them off at the Aveda store. Easy. And you can download the cool coloring sheet above!

How about batteries. Please tell me you don't throw them in the trash. Batteries Plus will take your batteries and recycle them for you. Yay! Read more about it here.

On to plastics that are marked with a #5. You can recycle these at Whole Foods. They have a great campaign going called Gimme 5. You can even recycle your Brita water filters there. Hurray for Whole Foods!

Let's start there, let me know how you do! Keep up the great work. . . Teresa


Lilly said...

I never knew that Whole Foods would recycle plastic #5. That's great! Thanks for the info!

Beth said...

Great info Teresa~ thanks for sharing!

Dan Boise said...

Great post! I actually didn't know about the Cap recycling place. Just need to check if it's available around where I live. And also, there are recycling containers for batteries !

Nicole Boivin said...

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Lavzdianne said...

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My honor to be part of the Green Bag Lady. Lets GO GREEN!!!!
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