Germany Bag!

Hello Bagette Dad (David),

Here are some pictures from bag 13863 and me.

Me after going to the bakkery this morning for some fresh bread

Bread in the bag
The bag and one of my own bags after doing some shopping.
By the supermarket in our neighbourhood
My bike and the bag for my house before going to the bakkery

I love to use the bag.
I'm always thinking about the project when I pick it up to take it with me.
When i use it in a triftstore to take my treassures home with me I
almost always tell about the project.
It makes people smile when i'm telling about it.
And I hope that they think before they are going to use a other plastic bag.
I new the triftstore reused plastic bag from other stores.

I hope I write all the words in right English.
Please correct themn when not.


Bad Bentheim , Germany

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