4th of July FREEBIE! 30+ winners!

You didn't think I would let a holiday go by without some kind of freebie, did you? What kind of blogger would I be?

Look what we have for you! Celebratory bags! Go freedom, go USA, go red, white and blue! Even if you are not from the USA, you can have in on the action too!
We have at least 30 of these fun bags (there may be more out with the Bagettes getting handles sewn on, I'm not sure) so throw your name in the hat and we will see who becomes a red, white and blue winner! At least 30 of you…maybe MORE!

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks.

•In your comment, tell us what you do on the 4th of July!

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 10 PM (CST) Wednesday JUNE 29, 2011. We want to mail them to you so you have them for the 4th!!


•However, anyone that enters that does not already have a bag from us will get one! :)

Good Luck! Teresa

International entries OK.

Thanks to all who left comments. Bagette Dad will be contacting you, and sending Celebratory bags to every one who entered.

Check your SPAM folder, the emails look like this:
subject: "Green Bag Lady, July4thFreebie_6_2011"


Anonymous said...

On the fourth of July I typically stay in with my dog so that she isn't alone and scared. I also spend time with my family and we occasionally play with sparklers and order pizza.


Marie Weathers said...

I have already won a bag from you, but, my grandaughter is getting married in August. I think your bags would be good for her.

Andrea said...

Woohoo! Awesome give away...of course! On the 4th of July I celebrate my brother's birthday!! An uncle actually has the same birthday, they were born 10 years apart. And this year my cousin will be awaiting another little one due on the 4th. I would love to win a bag for my brother, Marshall.

campbell4158 AT me DOT com

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, that's awesome Andrea!

Thanks for the comments so far ladies!

Lura said...

I would love to win a bag for my grand-daughter because already at 17 months she helps with the recycling in her home & loves to shop. If I won the bag would be hers. Our 4th of July plans always depend on if our son-in-law is in country or deployed overseas. This year we are blessed to have him home with us so we will be celebrating on the base they are stationed at with other men & women who fight for us to continue to have the freedom to celebrate the 4th of July in anyway we want to. Thank you to all have served, are serving, will serve, or support a family member in the armed forces!!
Lura B. Nashville, TN

Life on Roseberry Lane said...

I will be spending my 4th with my family and In-Laws. Enjoying the kids, the outdoors, and making memories!


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank YOU Lura for reminding us all to celebrate those who still fight for our freedom every day!

Christie S. said...

Happy Birthday America! We'll go to the parade then fireworks in the evening. Probably have a cookout too.

Anonymous said...

I will be spending the weekend of the Fourth with my family on the lake, swimming, cooking out...lots of memories to be made.


Anonymous said...

On the 4th we usually have family over and BBQ. I would love to have one of your bags. gracecb25(at)aol(dot)com

Alea said...

Awesome bags!!!

We are keeping up with tradition this 4th of July of starting the day with our community parade, followed by the old-fashioned picnic in the park (everything is a nickel!), and also by seeing fireworks. It's going to be pretty bittersweet though, because we usually do these things with my dad and he looks forward to it every year, but he passed away in May =(

Alea said...

Oh I forgot my contact info...


Anonymous said...

4th of July bags are awesome. I spend the 4th weekend with my family and 35 other family members at my uncle's camp on a lake in Maine. It is so much fun - I can't wait!
jessmusumarra (at) hotmail (dot) com

eli said...

I've already won a green bag from you and I don't live in the USA, but I know some friends of mine who would love to have one!
Happy birthday America :)
Hugs and thank you Teresa!

Brenda Turner said...

I am an election supervisor and consider myself myself VERY patriotic. I would love one of these bags!!
brenda dot turner at mchsi dot com

Anonymous said...

I just stummbled upon your website the bags are a great idea! I will be celebrating on the 4th of July by having a picnic with my family. Love what you are doing and maybe one day i will win a bag. Your website is now one of my favorites!

lorijo2003 said...

We hang in the driveway with neighbors, eat, and set of fireworks. It's a fun, laid-back kind of day:)


gabieone said...

I just love your 4th of July theme for these bags. This is my first time trying for one of them. We will bbq and swim in the back yard. We are always greatful for the freedom we have and for all those who have scrificed for that freedom.

Frances said...

We like to meet friends and family on July 4th at the fireworks show. The Symphony plays and the show is always great! I'll need a bag for the picnic supplies! :)

Mike said...

My mom makes way too much food for everyone on the 4th. She would love it if I won one of these bags for her.

Anonymous said...

Would love to win a bag!


Anonymous said...

We stay home, bbq, swim in the pool, then when it starts to get dark we do fireworks, then head over to watch our towns fireworks show :)


Anonymous said...

I was directed from my friend to visit you... And I read about this giveaway..I would like a chance to win. I will work as normal on that day as it is not a public holiday in our country.
Loh @ jqluo at rocketmail dot com

Intarsia Bindoff said...

On July 4th I typically spend time with my husband. We don't always go watch fireworks. We have pets and are concerned the noise will frighten them, so we often will just cookout in the backyard and be there for them when the fireworks begin.


Nichole said...

We don't have set 4th plans. The last 2 I thought my little guy was too small for fireworks - though he did look super cute in red, white, and blue! (We have a bag already)

nichole @ justchildrensbooks.com

Carol said...

On the 4th we typically have a BBQ with my husband's family.. parents, aunt's & uncles, counsins & their kids, friends.. typically we go to two over the weekend.. this year will be the same.. it's year we will at saying the pledge before fireworks and teach our 5 yr old twins why we celebrate it..

Thanks for this great give-away!



AKma2many said...

On the 4th we often go to Seward Alaska to watch the Mt Marathon Climb and attend the street fair followed by fireworks over Resurrection Bay. Lots of food, family, and fun!! I have already won a bag from you but have 3 daughters and a daughter in law that I would like to get to use them.


Anonymous said...

On the fourth of July my family usually has a cookout at my Grandma's house on the river. In the afternoon we head to town for fireworks!


Anonymous said...

We'll be having a BBQ and being just plain lazy that day. It sounds so good. Your bags are beautiful and useful too!
Thanks for the giveaway, Sally

sjhackney at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I live in a small town in Kansas, we barbques, a 4th of July parade and fireworks at the high school at dusk. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Meera said...

I stumbled across this website while researching about 4th of July. Im not an American but love the way you guys celebrate it with fireworks. :) On 4th of July, I'll probably be thinking about the fireworks you guys will get to see.
Anyway love the blog and really like the cause. So hats off to to you green bag lady! :)


Zkss said...

4 July, I will work, and Let's
reports on companies in which I work. But at evening I caress my two children and would be pleased for them ...


Lura said...

I cleaned out my e-mail before I read to watch for a e-email. Please resend me the email.