Ironing Board Tutorial + Organic '11 FREEBIE!

Let's talk about one of my most dreaded tasks. Ironing. Yuck. Don't like it, never have. It's in the genes. My mom had an aversion too. We even had an ironing lady when I was a kid. Yup, just ask Bagette Dad. This is what happens, I let my ironing pile up to an unimaginable amount and then I break down and watch TV one night an iron it all. 

Well, during one of these "all nighter" ironing sessions a few years ago, I noticed that my ironing board cover really smelled…like chemicals. That can't be good. I concluded that it was NOT good to heat and reheat this cruddy piece of fabric that came with the board and the foam that was underneath it. Ugh. I looked into new covers and came up with this one. I splurged, but it was better than breathing toxic chemicals every time I finally did the ironing.

Flash forward to this week. I bought myself a new ironing board. The old one of 18 years rocked back and forth when used and was literally on its last leg. Of course, I took my nice cover off the old one to put on the new one. However, it is quite a boring cover, only natural color and all. The light bulb went off in my tiny brain that I could use Harmony's fabric and make myself a nice new pretty cover! Oh yes!

I got soooo excited that I made many covers this week and even made a tutorial for all of you to make yourself one too! Here you go:

--1.75 yards of quilting cotton or similar fabric, If you are using Harmony's organic cotton sateen then you only need .66 (2/3) yard because her fabric is so wide!!!

--4.25 yards of bias tape

--4.75 yard of cotton string (found most anywhere, hardware store, WalMart, etc.) just try to find something similar to the string you see on your old cover, or take the one out of your old cover and reuse it!

Step 1) 
Take the old cover off and stretch it out so the string is no longer tight. It will look something like this. Put that cover on top of your fabric and trace around it. Note: It does not have to be perfect, all the edges will be underneath your board so you won't see them. 
Step 2)
Choose a bias tape for the binding. I made my own with my NEW FAVORITE TOOL, a bias tape maker. Yay! (tutorial HERE, FYI, I have yet to cut my fabric on the bias for this, I just cut mine straight and it works great)
Step 3)
Serge or zigzag stitch around your cover. You can probably skip this step, but I wanted to reinforce the fabric since it is pulled so tightly.
Step 4)
Start binding your cover. I wanted to point out this photo of the cover I took OFF my new ironing board. Look at the ends. Not even a good finish. Paaaashah!!! We are going to make our ends look NICE…
Like this…
 and this…
All you have to do is fold over the top of your bias tape before you sew. That's it!
Now, put your three supplies together like this. Cover on the left, binding on the right and tuck the string into the fold of the binding. REMEMBER TO LEAVE ABOUT 8 inches OF STRING STICKING OUT OF THE TOP! You will need this to pull the cover tight.
Step 5)
Pin these all together so you can start sewing, make sure the string is really tucked into the fold, you DO NOT WANT TO SEW ON THE STRING!
Step 6)
Lower your presser foot carefully on the left of the binding. You want to catch both sides of the tape while you are sewing while NOT sewing on the string!
Step 7)
Start sewing, keep tucking the string into the fold, you can pin all of this if you like.
Step 8)
When you have sewn all the way around the cover, cut your bias tape about 1.5 inches from the end of the cover.
Step 9)
Cut the string 8 inches from the end of the cover.
Step 10)
Fold the end of the bias tape, tuck the string in again, and pin…
 like this…
 …finish the end, don't sew TOO far over the other bias tap, stop short of the string!
Step 11)
Put your new cover on and admire your pretty ironing board cover!
Since these are so easy, I got in a mood and made 6 of them! One for me, one for Harmony and 4 for YOU!
While I was admiring Harmony's fabric, I thought it would be fun to make some organic cotton bags for you too!
This is what is up for grabs in this Organic '11 freebie:
FOUR Harmony Art Organic cotton ironing board covers
NINE Harmony Art Organic cotton Green Bag Lady shopping bags


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•In your comment, tell us what household task is NOT your favorite!



•However, anyone that enters that does not already have a bag from us will get one! :)

Good Luck + Happy IRONING! Teresa

International entries OK.


Kristy said...

This turned out lovely! I need to make one for my mini-ironing board since that's the one I keep out all the time. Thanks for the tute!

Lisa said...

Oh they are pretty!
Right now it's laundry - it is so hot and humid that the laundry won't dry. Actually maybe that's a blessing because I haven't done laundry in four days... :)

mb said...

ooh ooh ooh! i was thinking last night as i vacuumed, that it was vacuuming, but i like ironing even less, so i only do it when i have to for sewing, never for actual clothing that i need to wear. my mom could have answered this question for me, actually. i save up anything that truly does need to be ironed for when she visits- she's never hated ironing, and i don't get that. :)
beautiful, as always!
earth.huggy (at) gmail (dot) com

Helen said...

I've been looking at my ironing board and thought "i should look up a tutorial on how to make one!" and saw your post! Perfect timing! I hope to win one! Anyway, the one household task I don't like doing is taking out the trash. I don't mind doing the laundry, or the dishes, but something about that garbage... Thanks!
helen_ono at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...
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Sara said...

I hate cooking supper. I would rather clean the bathroom every day as to cook. I actually love to vacuum. It's very relaxing to me


Adryteje said...

oh!... I hate ironing! but I really love cotton clothes and I love cotton clothes well way...I have to iron, it is a Karma.

harmony said...

THIS TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY MAKES MY DAY! I am SOOO thankful to have you in my life. xoxoxoxox
I don't like to iron but I'd take it over cleaning the shower any day!

Karen said...

I like ironing! I think vacuuming might be my least favorite (lucky for me, my husband loves it.)

kgouvin (at) hotmail (dot) com

saram said...

the bathroom is the toughest cleaning job ever...i hate it!! i put it off forever...guilty i am.


harmony said...

For those of you who hate ironing... you can buy fabric pre-washed, pre-cut and IRONED from Stitch Simple: How cool is that?!

Suzee said...

ohmygosh! I am totally putting off to make a new iron board cover. If I don't win I will diffidently make one from your tute! and I LOATHE cleaning the shower. If I wait long enough my hubby does it,,hehehe.
suezneal at gmail dot com

Diana said...

Thats a great board cover. I like that you used string instead of elastic. :)
My least favoite house duty is... DISHES... As the only adult in this household of two im the only pair of hands that get dish pan hands hahah ;)
my email is gutzdie(at)yahoo(dot)com

Julie A. Drevinskis said...

Thanks for the tutorial!

I'm one of THOSE PEOPLE who wash their fabric before using it, my "delicate-as-a-peach" skin can't handle the chemicals and I don't like the fumes when pressing or ironing unwashed fabrics. But the one job that I think is worse than ironing is .. washing the dishes. yuk .. I envy all of you out there with a dishwasher! :-)

Julie Andrea

Katrina said...

I love the cover tutorial! I really need to replace mine soon. I really don't enjoy un loading the dishwasher. I will load the stinky dishes but I don't like putting them away.

katrina_hertzer2000 (at) yahoo(dot)com

bookwraps by said...

I would say that my least favorite household chore would be cleaning the cooking range & oven...yuck!

great tute!

bookwraps by said...

ooops-forgot to
add email addy............


hueisei said...

Thanks..perfect tutorial!!!
I hate cleaning my bathroom.. My bathroom walls are in white color ceramic, after some times it turn dirty yellow and I need to used alot of energry to scrub it away...
Cheers from hueisei(at)gmail(dot)com

Marra said...

I hate ironing!
my email: ingaslonimsky(at)gmail(dot)com

Julie said...

This is a great tutorial, exactly what I need !
I'm not a housekeeper, and for instance I don't like to wash the dishes...

Carol said...

Thanks for the awesome tute! It came out so pretty. I need a new one on my iron board that is FALLING apart.. LOL..

My least favorite household chore.. cleaning anything.. can I use that?? LOL I would have to say.. Dealing with dirty dishes!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!

Thanks again for the tute and the wonderful give-away!!



Holly Jorgensen said...

What a beautiful ironing cover! Definitely will make me want to iron! My least favorite household task is cleaning the bathroom, especially the tub and shower, yuck!

My email is storkandme at gmail dot com

Carla G said...

What a great tutorial - I've been wanting to change my ironing board cover for a while. Now I just have to figure out what to replace the worn out foam with...

My least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms. I'd rather do laundry all day...

Thanks for a great giveaway & a chance to win!


MissesStitches said...

I heart your new ironing board cover, Teresa! I want a prettyHarmony ironing board cover too. But I'm going to make my own, as my board is not standard size. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Lisa K said...

Wow! Who knew an ironing board could look so beautiful?!

My least favourite chore is picking up the seemingly never-ending supply of toys, books, clothes, cups, whatnots, and doodads littered throughout the house every day.


adrianna said...

Thanks for sharing the ironing board tutorial, the fabric you used was adorable.
I love to cook all our meals but I absolutely hate doing the dishes! That is one chore I could really do without:p
Just received my first bag from you, I love it thank you! Would love another=)

Andrea said...

My least favorite chore is putting away dishes and clean laundry. I don't mind washing the dishes or even folding the laundry but when it comes to that last step I can procrastinate with the best!

campbell4158 AT me DOT com

Dawn said...

I am not in love with dusting but do it because I hate dust.....Also want to thank you for the bag I just received in the mail....I LOVE IT and will send picture as soon as someone is with me on a shopping trip.
dawneaton (at) rocketmail (dot) com

AKma2many said...

Cooking dinner is probably my least favorite household chore. Can't get everyone to agree....grrr. Thanks for the tutorial. It will be very useful as I prepare to replace my ironing board cover.


Tanya said...

Cleaning out closets is one of my least favorite chores. However, I love an organized closet so it has to be done!
Could use an ironing board cover and/or a bag. Love 'em.
email: grace2stay at cox dot net.

Navaneetha said...

Oh my God.. This is what I am exactly looking for.. I love your work.. Your shopping bag idea is great...

My least favorite house hold chore is
Ironing :(


Sonja said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I need to make a new one, it's a mess with alot of sticky stuff. I iron my quilts or sewing projects. NOT our colthes.

Frances said...

Least favorite chore is dusting with doing the floors as a close second.
Love the tutorial!

Mary said...

The ironing board covers look amazing! My least favorite is dusting...or vacuuming the carpeted stairs. Thanks for the chance to win!

@EpiclyAwesome said...

Thank you for such a simple project!
I got a new ironing board for Christmas (asked for it!) and when I washed the cover, it shrank up so small it won't begin to fit back on the board. I've been putting off making a new one but I think now I'll do it today!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

To Epicly Awesome--

Let me now how it turns out!