Bless Bag

Cool bag that makes into a bracelet! Wow! Steep price tag though. 

However, I am not opposed to ANY of you that would like to start wearing your Green Bag Lady bag as a bracelet. You won't forget them in the car and the price tag is just right! Send me a photo and I'll post it! Teresa


Bagette Dad said...

Steep price tag, I'll say.
250 euros = 341.80 US dollars.

harmony said...

hummmm..... I know this lady in Nashville who is super creative and good with a sewing machine... I bet should could design an even cooler one!

This reminds me of the coin purse I wore on my wrist for hotdog days to carry my $1.25 to school in which would get me a hotdog, chips, juice and an ice cream. Yes, I am old... and my childhood Friday lunches contained no "real" food.... well, the ice cream probably had some redeeming qualities....