Minnesota Bags!

Hi Teresa!  I hope all is well and that it isn’t yet too chilly in your neck of the woods.  I know the days of this lovely mild autumn are numbered so I’m trying to be outside as much as possible before winter officially settles in on the tundra.

I wanted to write you to finally share a pic of my Sewing 1 students from the SW Minneapolis Community Ed Program and their Green Bag Lady inspired bags (after I met you and learned about your project, I modified my lesson plans to use fabric shopping bags as an excuse for students to learn sewing fundamentals like overcasting and French seams).  They all agreed it was OK to post this on your blog if you would like to.  From left to right you will see:  Mallory, Laura, Yig, Mari and Heather.

I hope you enjoy the pic and the weekend ahead. 
Jen Madsen
Stitch Simple

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harmony said...

This warms my heart. Two of my favorite peeps connecting and spreading the fabric bag love.....