Belarus Bag!

Hi! I'm Daria from Belarus. And I want to thank you for the bag!
It's really great. It's not very big, but large enough to fit products in. The fabric is beautiful and pleasant for touching. 
My sister liked it and she was the first who went for shopping with this bag. =)
She was happy as a five-years-old child (but she is 21 years old) when she gave refusal to plastic package.


Anonymous said...

It doesn;t really take much sometimes for us to feel happy, doesn't it? I should know as I am a gleeful user of some very pretty Green Bag Lady bags!! :)

I also imagine it warms your heart, Teresa, to know that you are spreading joy and making a difference.

Thanks from all of us!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, thanks for such a sweet comment Gaia!

ксения said...

about what charm very much I want this bag!!!!