300 Years…

All hands on deck! Teresa

Ecuador Bag!

Attached is photo of me shopping at artisans' market in Cuenca, Ecuador. The bag is utilized almost every day and I thank you for your efforts. Another expat, Anne Sangine, anxiously awaits arrival of her bag her too.

Cuenca, Ecuador #21258
Thanks Regina. We are glad you are enjoying your bag that you won in THIS Harmony Art freebie! Teresa

Puerto Rico Bag Makers!!

Hi Teresa,
Just wanted to let you know that yesterday we had our first session of sewing reusable bags here in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Fun! We plan to meet twice a month and see how things go. First bags to be distributed at our local Farmer's Market. Photos attached which you can also find on our Facebook page, Reduciendo la Huella Plastica along with more photos of finished bags.
Thanks again for the inspiration, patterns, etc.
My best,

Leonor, I'm thrilled to pieces with this! Wonderful! Keep up the great work. The bags look fantastic! Thank you for sharing the photos. Teresa

Warms my heart…

Dear Teresa,

I am Debbie Rosetti, owner of Kramer's Pet Boutique and Grooming Shoppe in Tullahoma TN.  I work closely with the Tullahoma Animal Shelter in fostering dogs in need along with Waiting For a Star to Fall Farm with donations and grooming.

Lily Pearl, a little Malti-Poo, was picked up by the shelter a couple of months ago.  Someone "dumped" her in the road one night and we concluded it was due to her many health issues.  You see, Lily was infested with fleas, had a yeast infection over her body and ears, the start of cataracts and had mammary gland tumors in most of the glands.  She stayed at the shelter for about a week, was vetted and then I took her in.  We showered her with love, got her cleaned up and scheduled her major surgery for the tumors to be removed.  Lily came back to us the day of her surgery for her long recovery.  We spent lots of time with Lily making sure she was comfortable and tending to her surgical site.  During this time, we found the perfect home for Lily.  They did not care that Lily had health issues or if she only had a few years left on this earth, they were willing to open their hearts and home to share with her.

After about 2 months of TLC and good food, Lily was able to go home with her new family.  It was better than anyone could have every imagined.  You see, there is a little girl that lives there with her GiGi that was waking up 4-5 times a night scared.  She was also very afraid when she would come into the shop here.  They started coming to visit Lily and I made it my mission to work with this little girl thru their new dog to help her overcome some of her fears.  I was updated that she now sleeps thru the night since Lily came home and sleeps on her NEW bed in the little girls room.  They were in yesterday for a bath and the little girl was so talkative with me and even helped me in the grooming room.  I am teaching her how to take care of Lily.  GiGi was so thankful when she left yesterday and just didn't understand how and why I did what I did.  My reply was...what does dog spell backwards?  She had tears in her eyes after that.

I have a service and therapy dog group, Realizing Dreams Thru Dogs, that I reach out to other with my dogs.  I do school presentations, nursing home visits, along with much more.  I am even in the process of donating a puppy from a litter of Standard Schnauzer puppies that I had this spring to a gentleman in a wheelchair.  I will be helping train his new dog as his service dog along with donating everything that is needed to set up for a new dog.

I want to close with a huge thank you for the beautiful dog bed you donated to Lily.  As you can see in the picture, she loves it.  She lays on it like a little queen...LOL  Thanks to Gaia at Holistic for sending the bed to me for Lily.

Thank you,
Debbie Rosetti
Kramer's Pet Boutique


When I started making bags back in 2008, I never envisioned this. Teresa

Dear Mother Earth…

Dear Mother Earth--

Thank you for sending this pretty lady to land on my windshield.

Several moments were spent admiring her delicate wings.

You are the best.

Your BFF--Teresa

Moth underside taken with my iPhone, I think she is a Common Buckeye.

Lithuania Bags!

Hello Mr.David VanHatten
Here's my little Kestutis and Kristina with their Green bags
Thanks a lot for colorful and playful shopping bags, we will friendly took every one;)

With the best regards

Table cloth bag!

Remember THIS post? Bags made from an old table cloth that Harmony sent me? Here is one of the recipients! Thanks for sending the photo Julie! Teresa
Hi Teresa!!  Hi Harmony!!

I'm going to try to send you this photo of me and the bag!!
Let me know if you have problems.

Julie :)

Cardboard bike…whoa!

Izhar Gafni has designed award winning industrial machines for peeling pomegranates and sewing shoes. He’s also a bike enthusiast who’s designed a lot of carbon fiber rigs. But one day, he’d heard about someone who’d built a cardboard canoe. The idea drilled its way into his consciousness, and ultimately, led him to create a cardboard bike called the Alfa.

The Alfa weighs 20lbs, yet supports riders up to 24 times its weight. It’s mostly cardboard and 100% recycled materials, yet uses a belt-driven pedal system that makes it maintenance free. And, maybe best of all, it’s project designed to be manufactured at about $9 to $12 per unit (and just $5 for a kids version), making it not only one of the most sustainable bikes you could imagine, but amongst the cheapest, depending on the markup.
More HERE. Yes, please. Teresa


I am loving this knitting bag tutorial from Michelle over at Cloud9 Organic Fabrics. It would be great for embroidery projects too (since I don't knit) or any other project you want to keep together in a pretty kind of way.

Aren't they yummy? I wish I could organize my whole life like this! Teresa

Hot off the serger…

The top one was the view of the floor behind my serger tonight. Then, all stacked up. 88 in case you were wondering. More to do tomorrow night. iPhone night photos are not the best. :) Teresa


Found HERE. Originally from HERE. love!!! Teresa

Which one are you?

Showers--we have low flow AND take short showers.
Lights--we have LEDs in all but the dimmers.
Cooling--we run the AC (we are in hot TN, but we have the temp set at 74 degrees)
Toilet--we have energy efficient
Laundry--we have an energy start (but our dryer is old)

What about you? Teresa

California Bag!

Hi Teresa,
Thank you again for the Amy Butler bag.  I finally got a picture of me using it to send to you.  Also a picture of a bag I made from your pattern.  I'm going to have my students make some bags now that school is back in session.
Sue Paulsen
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sue, wonderful, your bag looks great. Send me photos of the bags your students make too! Teresa


Look at these gorgeous photos by my graduate school professor, Sam Wang in lovely South Dakota. They are taken with an infrared converted Canon 5D Mark II camera. Click to enlarge and wander around in the beauty of Mother Earth for a few moments. You won't regret it! Teresa


Q: Guess which one is my fav? (click to enlarge)
A. #7

from HERE

What's in your cleaning products?

Go HERE to find out. Bleh. Teresa

What You Need WINNERS!

Congratulations to the following lucky folks:

WINNERS of the bag sets are:

eggplant + asparagus  : Whitney S, TN

sweet + sassafras     : Stephanie M, QC, CANADA

pretty + pink         : Alea S, MI

blueberries + oranges : Amanda H, GA

hearts + flowers      : Alana B, NORTHERN IRELAND

soft + pretty         : Laura H, CA

compliments + flowers : Elizabeth S, CO

bling + ring          : Kim C, TN

Please look for an email from Bagette Dad. He will be asking for your mailing address so we can send you your prize. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. We have issues with emails going to spam. Thanks and enjoy!

The emails will look like this:
Green Bag Lady, WhatYouNeed_9_2012


17 eggplant + asparagus
17 sweet + sassafras
16 pretty + pink
11 blueberries + oranges
 6 hearts + flowers
 6 soft + pretty
 4 compliments + flowers
 2 bling + ring

What You Need Freebie!

Let me tell you what you need. You need a fun set of bags to go to the store in style. So cute you won't forget them at home and so practical you will use them for everything. We have EIGHT sets of bags for you to win. Each set contains TWO shopping bags and TWO produce bags for all your fruits and veggies, no more plastic! The sets even have names, take a look:

"Hearts + Flowers"
 "Pretty + Pink"
 "Blueberries + Oranges"
 "Compliments + Flowers"
 "Sweet + Sassafras"
 "Eggplant + Asparagus"
 "Soft + Pretty"
"Bling + Ring"
Want a set of bags? Just do the following:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name (at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you do not leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•In your comment tell us which of the above sets is your favorite (please use the name of the sets from above)!

•Deadline for the freebie is 10PM (CST) Tuesday, September 11, 2012. We will randomly choose winners from all the comments. (winners will be posted here and notified no later than Sept 12)


Thanks and good luck! Teresa

We will ship bags internationally, the contest is open to all.

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Super easy pattern to make your own bags HERE.

Eco Bag Flashmob!

Everyone, this is so cool! The lovely Russian Nataliya from Sistercraft blog is starting her very own eco-bag flashmob TODAY! The flashmob will last for 3 months. The challenge is for you to create as many fabric bags as you can in those 3 months and then give them to people as Christmas/holiday gifts. You can even use them instead of wrapping paper. YES!

I love the idea of people all over the world scurrying to their sewing machines to make as many bags as they can by December 8. Are you in? For more details, hop on over the Nataliya's blog. If you don't read Russian make sure you use the google translate at the top of the blog.

Once you have made bags you can go add an image of your bags to the flashmob gallery by simply clicking the INLINKZ button (with the blue frog) at the end of Nataliya's blog post.

16 winners will be chosen from all the participants on December 9, 2012. 15 winners will get Harmony Art Organic shopping bags from Green Bag Lady and one grand prize winner will get a really cute mandala bag (see below) from Sistercraft that includes a set of Edding fabric markers and some fun fabric, lace and ribbons (from Russia!!!).

I hope you will join the bag flashmob! I'll be posting some reminders in the next two months to make sure you don't forget! I think EVERYONE on your gift list should get a fabric bag (or two!) this year. And, you can't use the excuse that you didn't have enough time. THREE MONTHS! Teresa

The Buzz

In my next life, I want to be a bee keeper. My husband thinks I'm nuts. We would not have my favorite nuts without the little guys! Read more HERE. Teresa

Head on over…

…and check out Harmony's post about these bags. Yes! Teresa

What goes on…

I love it when we get things donated to Green Bag Lady that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. The top photo is just that. Swavelle/Mill Creek always sends us their extras and samples. The strips in the photo are samples. You can even see that they are numbered. They are perfect for handles! Just sew them up and they are ready to go. Love that!

The next photo is bags in progress for the Sewing Summit conference coming up in October in Salt Lake City, UT. Harmony and I teamed up to make swag bags for the conference. They are going to be fabulous and everyone attending the conference gets one!

The last photo is my overflowing scrap bin. Pet beds to be made and handed off to Gaia! What do you have going on? Teresa

My Alma Mater…

Yay for the University of Minnesota, I graduated from there back in 1992! There is HOPE. Teresa

Video from HERE.

To Russia with Love!

On Tuesday Harmony's husband called me to ask if I happened to have any bags on hand made out of Harmony's fabulous fabric. Yes, of course I do! He asked if I would be so kind as to send them to him so he could take them on a trip to Russia. He wanted to use them as gifts.

He happened to mention that he had just ordered some tote bags in which print the logo of the Gualala Arts Center, as he is the director of this fine establishment. I then told him he should just print on the bags I would send, and he did! Don't they look great? I especially love the one on top of the box out of Harmony's Silent Stumps sateen. I heart collaboration, don't you? Teresa

It's always nice…

…when you have a dinner you feel good about and most of the produce is locally grown. These watermelons came from our CSA. We never know what color they are going to be. We try to guess, orange, yellow, pink or red…
 This one was red and VERY YUMMY!
 Then we cut this guy too.
Yellow! Also scrumptious. All the varieties taste similar, what you would expect watermelon to taste like. If you closed your eyes while eating them, you wouldn't know the difference. Except that these are SO much better than the ones in the grocery store. They are sweeter and have better texture.
 Potatoes from the town next door…
 Look at all that mashed yumminess!
Then, for "dessert" big girl did my hair. She is a master of all things braiding. The internet is good for something!
I hope you are having a lovely Labor Day! Hugs--Teresa