Uma + Her Bags!

Hi David/Teresa/Team,

I received your bags and I started using it.Please find attached my photo.You can post the photo if you want.

Many thanks to the whole team.In the picture,your bags are clearly visible in the front.The hidden blue bag is a KFR tote.The handmade cloth handbag was gifted to me by my sister in law in India.Thanks for the warm welcome you have extended it to me through these bags.My parents (in India) are eagerly waiting for the bags :)

Oh, Uma, you are darling! We have loved hearing from you and are thrilled with the photo of you and all of your reusable bags. Keep spreading the good fabric word! Teresa


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uma said...

Thanks Дима Лесецкий :)

Thanks!! My parents received your bags in India and were totally excited when I spoke to them.They wanted to convey their sincere regards to you.My mom said that she will send the photo soon.Stay tuned :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I like it too!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Wonderful Uma, glad your parents got their bags too. I'll post that photo soon. Thanks for sending it.