Green Bag Lady--The Netherlands Chapter Update!

This is so fabulous I can barely stand it! Green Bag Lady The Netherlands Chapter hard at work. YAY! I first posted about this chapter here. Miranda just sent me all those great photos with her comments. Look at all those BOYS!!!! Thrilled to pieces over here. (and, doesn't the girl on the lower right look like my Little Girl??) Swooning! Teresa

 Our first sewing team. IT was great. This evening I Will send photo's from the bags.
 My daughter making her own with donated Winny the Pooh fabric.
 50 grey bags and 13 beach bags finished here.
 13 happy bags ready for the last step.

 Me with our bags 😀, now you know who are you talking to.
Want to let you Know that all the teachers and almost all children on highschool are really enthusiastic. 
Tuesday the 28 of april we give a lesson to prepare them. After that we have 12 mornings of 3 hours with 30 kids. We have a 1000 bags target! They already get prepared in the English lessons to write letters, and translate your video and the pattern. They get prepared in social class to learn about the problem of the plastic soup and the horrible production of clothes in Bangladesh. (couse we going to produce these bags in a simular way) And they designig a logo to put on the bags so everybody knows is from Texel, from student from this school. BAM!! Great isn't it? Miranda


harmony said...


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Me too!!!!!!!

April said...

Wow! Just wow! This is because of you Teresa - congratulations!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, thanks April! Miss you sweetie. :)

BestPTC said...

I hope you and your students success

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thank you for your nice comment Ahmed.