Photo Finish Friday

The sky, the sky! Always and forever, the sky.
These are so awesome I can barely stand it.

Cute + super simple DIY!

I bought this pattern an eon ago. I need to use it! (I figure if I tell you guys, it will hold me to it!)

I'm a big fan of scones. This is my fav recipe.

Sheesh almighty, is it Friday ALREADY? How does this happen? I start out on Monday thinking I have all this time and then I blink and it's Friday again. Man. I'm going to get Big Girl from camp today and squeeze her a lot this weekend before she goes back on Sunday. Little Girl and Little Man have not been feeling well this week. Summer illnesses stink. What are you up to? Happy weekending--Teresa

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Tami C said...

Those crocheted leaf sculptures are unreal! That Hot Mitt House is really cute! I've got lots of scraps I could put to use making a couple of those!