Summer Summer Summer--Part 2

After our big trip to MN and SD we were home for 3 days, went to the Selena Gomez (the girls loved it) concert, then hopped a plane to CA.
We stayed with Harmony (thanks Harmony!) and went to Gualala Arts Camp everyday. Big Girl and Little Girl were assistants and Little Man was a camper.

Little man made the best mosaic in his favorite of the 3 classes. There were dance and music too. Mosaic teacher is on the left and Harmony's husband/Director of the Art Center, is in the middle.
I was able to sneak in a little tennis with a friend while I was there. Harmony found me a racket in her garage. The grip was a little old and pretty much feel apart in my hand while I was playing. Ha! I still had fun! The ball bounces much differently at sea level. That's Orson Wells, the dog, by the way.
Happy Happy! Teresa

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