Summer Summer Summer--Part 6

We left Harmony on a Saturday morning and headed to San Francisco. Mainly because Big Girl was obsessed with eating a fish sandwich on the pier. Yes, really. I really should have gotten a photo of her eating it since she has talked about it since the last time we were in SF!

What's a trip to SF without windy photos of your kids??

After picking up hubby at the airport in SF, we headed to Los Gatos to visit our friends Meg and Paul. They used to live right across the street from us here in CO and sadly moved a few months after we settled here. Sigh. But, now we get to visit them in CA, right? They have a great pool in their backyard that the kids loved…
 The next day we went on a 2 hour sailboat cruise. It was a PERFECT day for it!

 Can you see me and Meg in here?
 The whole gang on the boat.
Very very fun! Teresa

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