I have been making lots of cakes for various celebrations lately. So yummy! This first one is chocolate and coconut. Never a bad combo. Two of my favorite things! I used this recipe and simply added coconut to chocolate buttercream frosting. (not the best photo)
My friend Kim turned 50 and I had little party for her. She requested a lemon cake. I didn't have much success the last time I made one so went searching for a new recipe to try. OH MY! It is amazing! So so so delicious.
It was so fabulous, I made it again the next week! I liked it best with raspberries.
The most recent one is a coconut cake decorated with Ghirardelli chocolate chips. This recipe is delicious.
Good thing I have been taken a little break from cake making, my waistline can only take so much! :)
Happy baking! Teresa

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