Workday Wednesday

I've already sent off Christmas gifts which feels good! It's nice to get things knocked off the list. All of these items went to Harmony and her husband, Sus. Don't worry, they have already opened them so I'm not ruining the surprise! There has been a lot of making for Harmony in the past few months. I like to spoil her like that. She spoils me too!

First off, as I was drifting off to sleep one night I had the idea to make these bags entirely out of Harmony's organic fabric. The red is even flannel that she produced a few years ago. It makes nice sturdy bags! Then, I used various fabrics in shades of green for the tree and Space Cowboy in red/green for the handles.
Harmony got new cushion covers for 2 chairs out of Franklin's Tower canvas. I will have her send photos once she gets the cushions all put together.
 They have zippers on one of the sides for easy on and off.
Then, I made this quilt from "racing" fabric for her hubby. He picked out the fabric and gave it to me a while ago but I didn't get in finished until recently. It wasn't difficult as there was no piecing involved since the check was one continuous fabric. I took it to a long arm quilter who did the cool "fire" pattern with black thread. I happened upon the tiny check fabric and thought it would look great as the binding.
 Here they are all packed up in their cute bags.
I talked to Harmony today and she loves the bags and is excited to take them when she goes Christmas shopping. She liked the idea of seasonal Green Bag Lady bags. :) Don't forget that it is SUPER easy to make bags to use as wrapping for gifts. You can use them over and over again! I have been using mine for 10 years and here is how to tag them. Happy making--Teresa

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harmony said...

LOVE YOU!!!!!! A million thanks too!