Kenya, AFRICA bags!

In February 2019 my husband and I traveled to Nairobi, Kenya along with 3 other couples from our church, Jubilee Fellowship Church. Our church supports a ministry there by the name of HEART.  ( This was my 4th trip in 5 years, and my husbands first trip, to minister with this group of people.  My first 3 trips, we ministered specifically to the Women the HEART ministry is founded for, so we were all female teams making the trip.

This trip, we traveled as couples to host a weekend marriage conference for the people who are employed by HEART, as well as minister to a group of WEEP women just outside the Nairobi area in the slums of Kibera.

Thank you for the 50 bags that were part of gift baskets for the women we were in contact with during our stay there.

Sandra V.

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