I had a lovely time in Germany. The event was wonderful and the people could not have been more gracious. Huge thanks to Bagette Audrey of Green Bag Lady Berlin for orchestrating the entire visit. Angela of h+h Cologne was instrumental in making the event a huge success. Here are some photos…
There was a fabulous booth entirely dedicated to the Make Me Take Me effort. This is a joint effort between Initiative Handarbeit (translates to handwork or handmade) in Germany and Green Bag Lady. The idea is to have people all across Germany make 10,000 fabric shopping bags over the next year.
The Initiative provides special labels to anyone making bags. They can request them on line and then iron or stitch them onto the bags they make. Any kind of bag is acceptable and they provide patterns for sewing, crocheting and knitting. Isn't that awesome?
 Close up of the label. All are numbered too!
 A huge mural at the event.
 This mural is part of the Initiative Handarbeit booth.
The Initiative Handarbeit booth…
Angela is third from the left in this photo next to yours truly. So many people worked hard to make this a reality. The bags they made for the blogger event were adorable. We are holding some of the Make Me Take Me bags as well as some Green Bag Lady bags that I made to share as well.
 Look at the rainbow of bags! What's not to love?

In conjuction with the Initiative Handarbeit boot, there was a blogger/social media event in which I was invited to speak. It went great and we generated a lot of buzz and interest in the German initiative. I got to meet so many fun people and chat with them about Green Bag Lady.
This is all my lovely Bagettes that traveled from Holland to be at the event as well and me and Audrey. Aren't they all adorable? 
What a great experience. I enjoyed every minute of meeting my Bagettes, speaking to fellow bloggers and connecting with amazing people. Thanks Audrey and Angela, many many hugs! Teresa

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